Looking To The Future

I love to sit and think about the things that I haven’t been able to cross off my Bucket List. The one I most look forward to is the opportunity to go and see the Phantom Of the Opera with “B”. I know she is a huge fan of this show and Broadway plays also. She will however need to be ready to guide me through it. I am a novice when it comes to culture events. I also think going to New York to see a show on Broadway would be one of my life’s highlights. I would love to go to France and see Paris at night with the lights. There are many other’s such as a trip to the Golf Coast. I’m told that Mustang Island is something special to see. I have purposely left this one for a very special time. I hope that she will agree to go with me at the right time.

I am just looking forward to the day when we can finally be ourselves together again. I miss her so that my heart aches. I have heard it said that distance makes the heart grow fonder. Of this in my case I can affirm. Just to be in her presence again to feel the Love and Joy she brings to me is something that keeps me going in the long nights and days without her here. Though the distance between us now exists. I now it will not always be this way and waiting to see her again will only make the reunion that much more sweet.

“B” if there is any other places you would like to go to or see I am in. I will do all that I can to make your wish list become a reality. You’ve only to ask and it would be my everlasting pleasure to help make it happen.

Dream Big my Love, Dream Big!

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