Conspiracy Theoriesr me

High folks,

Do you ever notice how when a story has unanswered questions how people will tend to see things that maybe aren’t true? Sometimes it takes awhile for those questions to be answered. I have always been one to give the benefit of the doubt until I know for sure. The thing about me is that my mind never stops trying to make things make sense. I still have many unanswered questions in my mind about many things. I consider just one answered question being answered a step toward understanding the big picture that is life. Don’t lose hope or give up on me. It is just who I am. I have always tried to tell people that are trying g to get to know me better that it won’t be easy. I am a walking contradiction. I I know this…. But my Love for those that care for me is deeper than they could ever imagine. This is because I am froogle about who I let in, so it gives me more Love to give to them. Hold on tight and keep the faith… I am still here and will always be. Just need to get more answers.


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