Me and Washing Machines

Does anyone ever have trouble with the washing machine? This is my first go round with the machine provided in my new place and for the life of me it has got to be one of the most complicated things I’ve had to try and operate. Looks like my lunch plans will be pushed back a bit. Oh well.. everything for a reason 🙂

No Need to Rush

Always remember there’s no need to rush… If things are meant to be they will be..

Take your time and feel good about your decisions.. You are the one who will live with them so you need to own them.

No one should push you into a hurried decision.


Lucy has some explaining to do

Do you remember I love Lucy the TV show? Whenever Lucy didn’t want to tell Ricky something she went way out of her way to distract him with other things hoping he wouldn’t figure it out. But eventually he did and he would say to her “Lucy YOU have some esplaini’n to do…..

So Lucy? What is it??

Defrosted Supper is still in the Fridge

Well, since I managed to mess up another nights attempt at making myself something healthy and nutritious to eat. I will wake up to (or not) in the morning the Chicken that I had thawing out. So now I will be cooking that before I eat breakfast.

Yum, chicken in the morning. Oh well, I will be happy because there are others in the world that would love to have chicken for breakfast even if I am not. I don’t know, maybe I’ll just stay up and go for 36 hours without sleep. I don’t think I could sleep anymore tonight anyway. So good night to all of those who can sleep. Don’t worry about counting the sheep… Since i’m up already I’ll count them for you……